here to make things perfect for you all the way

True to you.

it means just that, true to you! My style is focused on the real moments, no force smiles, nothing staged, and nothing set up. Just you being you whatever that means to you. As long as you're comfortable and having a good time i'm all for it. If you need an extra push or help, don't worry, I have a bunch of prompts we can play with to help get you in the mood. Unless, your extra push means, "I want some booze" and if thats what you need, GO FOR IT! We can pop champagne and drink it afterwards.

Here for you all the way.

I get it, this is probably your first rodeo and omg there are so many things you've never thought about before when it came down to planning your own wedding. It can be super overwhelming. I've been to tons of weddings so I have a pretty good knowledge on what to do and what no to do and will be happy to share everything with you. All the little details to make your day perfect.

Let's talk Investment.

Every couple is different and your stories are all so special and unique so not every package will work for you. I believe in making the best packages fit each of my couples. If you see a package that is not fitting for you, let me know and we can easily create a custom package that is right and perfect for your day. 

What Is included in each package:

  • All edited images from your day, yes that means every photo. I do not believe in limiting images for my couples.
  • Planning help until your day off, whatever you need, vendors, timeline, etc, I've got you.
  • Second shooter, I have a team of amazing photographers that work with me. So you will be getting twice the images on your day, pretty cool huh?
  • Videography add on is optional for every package, unsure if you want video im happy to go over it with you and send you some information.
  • Free Engagement Session for all my couples. These sessions are my favorite because it allows to all hang out, get to know each other and for you both to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Think of it like a fun date where you got your own professional paparazzi/friend with you!
  • Engagement guide is included as well, happy to help with outfits!

My goal as your photographer is to make sure above and all that you trust me and you feel comfortable to let lose and be yourselves. I’m constantly in pursuit of the authentic, intimate, and eternal moments of life — I live to capture those moments and I'm beyond grateful that I get to do this as a living.

Got any questions, head on over to my FAQ to read through it

Maple Wedding Package

  • Perfect for Elopements & Shorter weddings, such as Courthouse Ceremonies. 
  • 2-5 hours of coverage
  • Free Engagement Session
  • All professionally edited images

Pricing Starting at $1,000 - $2,900

Cedar Wedding Package

  • 6-7 hours of wedding coverage
  • Free Engagement Session
  • Wedding planning assistance 
  • All professionally edited images
  • Second Shooter included

Pricing Starting at $3,200 - $3,500

Spruce Wedding Package

  • 8-12 hours of wedding coverage
  • Second Shooter included 
  • Free engagement session
  • Wedding planning assistance
  • All professionally edited images
  • Full videography coverage + highlight video
  • Free Wedding Album

Pricing Starting at $3,900 - $5,000

Add ons + Custom Packages

Prints + Albums:

  • A beautiful wedding album where you can look back and remember all the beautiful moments from your day.
  • Large prints - either poster print or a beautiful Canvas

Custom Packages:

  • Dont see a package above that works for your both or your budget, thats ok! Reach out to me and we can customize a package that fits your perfect!!!

Add On: Bridal Boudoir +Couples Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir:

  • Full session with Hair + Makeup
  • Access to client closet + Angel wings
  • Posing assistance, so you can show off your gorgeous self!

Couples Boudoir:

  • An intimate boudoir session either in studio, your home or air bnb
  • This is a fun session to not only do something new with your partner, but grow closer to one another
  • Client Closet Accesss

what are the next steps:

I. Send me a contact form.

Head on over to the contact page and fill out all the information there, tell me all the deets!! I will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Here is the link to my contact form

II. Set up a Call or Meet.

Once we've spoken through email the next step is setting up a phone call or if you both feel comfortable meeting up in person. Happy to treat for coffee or lunch!! During our phone call we can get to know one another, go over more about what you are looking for on your special day.

III. Go over contract.

Once we've talked more, if you're feeling like you want to move forward, I am happy to send over my contract. You can go over and let me know if you have any questions. I'm also happy to send all galleries over to you so you can see what a day with me looks like.

After you've signed the contract, then we can set up your Engagement shoot!!